How To Get More Reviews – Increase Ranking & Grow Your Business

Get more reviews – it’s one of the easiest ways to build a positive online presence, protect your reputation, and increase the visibility of your business.

Now more than ever customers are sharing their opinions with literally anyone and everyone who will listen. Compliment or complaint, people are searching for and listening to real customer experiences with your products and services before making their purchasing decisions.

Do You Need to Get More Reviews Online?

Online customer star-rated reviews and testimonials are shaping how your business is perceived by consumers, laying the foundation for your brand, and influencing current and potential customers.

Consistently having great reviews posted online also contributes to higher positioning on search engine results pages. This is where star ratings can show with your business listings making you stand out from the competition.

On review sites, higher ratings and consistent raving reviews put your business at the top of their local results lists. So besides inspiring trust with potential customers, your reviews are helping your business stand out among the rest when prospects are searching for the types of products and services your company provides.

If you want to see an increase in new customers, more positive exposure for your business and higher conversion rates, you need to get more reviews and monitor reviews online to protect your reputation.

Your next customers are searching online

  • 97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2017

  • 12% looking for a local business online every day


How to Get More Reviews and Drive Customers to Your Business

Let’s start with a foundation of high-quality products and services. Knowing that a good product and excellent customer service makes happy customers, if you have any shortcomings in those areas, concentrate on that before worrying about encouraging reviews because you won’t like the reviews you get. But if you are wowing people with your service and can’t keep your products on the shelves here are some ways to get more reviews.

Utilize an Easy Reputation Management System

You may feel your business doesn’t have a budget for reputation management and online review monitoring. That it’s not the right time to hire a team dedicated to monitoring, gathering, and promoting customer reviews. But there are inexpensive and highly effective online reputation management software options that can handle the process for you. And you can’t afford to leave the reputation of your business at the whim of customers who are largely more passionate about posting unsolicited bad reviews than positive reviews when left unmanaged. Don’t use budget restraints as an excuse not to make customer reviews a priority.

If you’re determined to DIY your reputation management, use a plan that includes a consistent schedule (at a minimum weekly) of monitoring and responding to your online reviews:

  • Create a simple checklist to remind you to monitor the sites that matter most to you with a frequency that keeps you in the know.

  • Set up a simple (and free) tool like Google Alerts to notify you of mentions of your business on the web, so you know what is being said outside off of your selected review sites.

  • Have a strategy for responding to less-than-stellar reviews to turn bad ratings into opportunities to show you care about your customer’s experiences and expectations.

  • Read “5 Ways to Find the Good in Bad Online Reviews” to learn more about what to do with bad reviews.

Don’t Be Shy – Tell Customers How Much You Appreciate Reviews

Don’t forget to ask for the review. There are so many opportunities when a customer interacts with your business to let them know you value their opinion. If a customer tells you how great their experience was, you’re presented with an excellent opportunity to communicate how much you value their opinion. Let them know how much you’d appreciate if they could share that opinion on the review site that matters most to your business. This is something an automated online reputation management service can do automatically when it reaches out to your customers through email or SMS.

Ask for a review

2017 survey results show 68% of consumer left a local business review when asked - with 74% having been asked for their feedback.


Make Leaving a Customer Review Easy

Your customer has already invested money in your company by paying for your product or service. Don’t expect that they also want to invest a large chunk of their time in leaving a review. Make leaving a review a fast and easy process for your customers to get more reviews.

Make sure you are listed on the major directories and review sites, so customers can leave reviews where they are most comfortable and have the most influence. Put clear and ever-present direct links to your business profiles on the top review sites on your website and email communications, so all your customers are just a few clicks away from leaving a review for your business.

Automate your Review Monitoring and Reputation Management

Knowing how powerful good reviews are in bringing new customers and increasing exposure, you’ll find that allocating a part of your marketing budget to review monitoring and proactive reputation management through services like AirGrabZ is an easy decision.

Prioritizing the process gathering and monitoring online reviews by selecting an affordable online reputation management service, you save precious time, get more reviews, and gain peace of mind knowing your reputation is monitored and protected.

With automated online reputation management services your customers are asked for their feedback, you are notified of dissatisfied customers before they get to review sites, and your best reviews are promoted on the review sites and social networks that matter most to your business in an almost hands-free automated process.

Customer Reviews Play a Big Role in the Growth and Success of Your Business

Encourage reviews, intelligently respond to negative feedback, and manage online reputation to earn more sales and higher rankings on review site and search engine results pages. Get more reviews, and you’ll see how priceless a five-star review really is.

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