How It Works

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Email Campaign

Follow up email for reviews

Our platform will automatically send an email to the customer as well as a text message, allowing your customers flexibility into leaving a review on the services you dictate!

Thank You

Follow up email for more reviews!

Once feedback is received AirGrabZ will automatically send a follow up email to the customer, thanking them for their feedback and encouraging them to share their experience on other sources like Facebook.

Bad Reviews

Filter bad reviews to your email, Not the internet.

In the event your customer has a bad experience our platform will notify them for a review regardless. This allows them to vent their concerns on the AirGrabZ platform without it posting to social media or review sites. Now you will be able to see who was upset with your service and allow you to remedy the issue for a positive customer experience!

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor all reviews in place

See all your reviews, both internal and external for your business, you can monitor all your reviews for followups in the event you get a bad review.

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